Student Performance Record

Winter/Spring 2016. Student Performance Record (SPR) is a web application that makes it easy for University of Michigan Medical School administrators to monitor student performance and provide academic support.


Snapshot of our goals for the application that became SPR: These were posted in our work area and we revisited these statements during planning meetings and reviews to ensure that we were delivering value with each sprint.

ROLE: Analyst and User Experience Designer

METHODS: Interviewing, contextual inquiry, facilitation, narrative framing, paired designing, rapid prototyping, iterative design

DELIVERABLES: Research debriefs, sketches, process models, epics and user stories, mockups, HTML prototypes, product demonstrations

SUMMARY: We observed a pattern of information foraging among student support staff using legacy applications to extract student performance data and manually format raw data into lengthy paper reports. When staff was not foraging, they were dependent on IT staff to run SQL queries for data. It was clear that our legacy applications were impeding the Medical School's goal of academic support for students. My team and I made it our mission to deliver the data and get out of the way so that students could receive the academic support they needed. SPR aggregates and presents student performance information so that administrators can view a student's record on-demand and provide timely academic support.