Instrument Administration

Fall/Winter 2016. Instrument Administration is a web application that makes it easy for University of Michigan Medical School evaluation and assessment coordinators to create, edit, and manage assessment forms. 


ROLE: Analyst and User Experience Designer

METHODS: Paired designing, artifact modeling, stakeholder interviewing, task analysis

DELIVERABLES: Sketches, process models, epics and user stories, wireframes

SUMMARY: Evaluation and Assessment is a major component of medical education. This project was part of our product development roadmap and involved building a new component to our assessment ecosystem that would enable users to author and manage student assessments. Before this project, users were unable to manage the structure and content of assessment forms without developer intervention. Ultimately, our team built and launched an assessment instrument administration application and wired it into our existing ecosystem of student performance and grading applications.

I worked as part of a design pair on this project and our pair was embedded on the scrum team. This project was unique in that we were able to use stakeholder and user insights as a starting place. With reduced need for discovery, our design process focused on understanding the assessment genre and getting the form-builder interactions right. The assets I've shared below were used in making the form-builder for assessment instruments.


Sample Project Assets